Thieves Company

Shaky beginnings

Unexpected arrival at the village of the half-orcs, follows the strangeness of the Dragon Event; a white dragon swooping down out of the mountains with a wily plan to distract and half the intelligence to carry it out.

Preceding the onset of the very well hidden lizardmen, the approach of a white dragon on a clear day shrouded in a cloud of fog, almost a show more than a battle accented by the seeming sacrificial sending forth of the “heroes”.

The highlight of the battle is found in the one-on-one staring contest, and the dropping of the wannabe high elven hero, (no offense Rylan), from the claws of a dragon over the plains.

The bard comes in late, (get used to it. Jk, Ben.) The next step of course is the unexpected quest to which they are sent halfway across the plains. All this and they still have no idea who each other are. Come on guys! One of you has to look wierd enough to ask some questions. I’m having too much fun with this sorry. Btw, plains were made way to small, (I think)

Overall, I think safe to say that no left with any idea what was going on. See next post.



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