High Elf, fighter/ magic user, NE


HP: 28 Height: 5’ 2" Alignment: NE
Age : 118 weight: 112 lbs languages: common & elf
social class: middle middle

Racial Abilities:

  • see up to 60 ft in dark
  • 90% resist sleep charm


  • leather working
  • leather working tools
  • torture
  • stringed instruments
  • brewing

Saving Throws:
paralyze/ poison/ death: 19
rod/ staff/ wand: 11
petrify/Poly-morph: 13
breath weapons: 15
Apology: 17
Spells: 12

Weapons Proficiencies:

  • Long bow
  • Staff
  • 2 handed sward
  • Long sward


  • Long bow
  • Short sward
  • Arrows(99)
  • quiver
  • 9lbs lg belt pouch
  • combo armor{leather, padded, hide}

parents disapprove of wanting to be an assassin. I leave home to be an assassin with only fighter/ magic user traits. When out looking for a contract I picked up a lead that should no have been dropped. I torturer someone that knows information on the target and it turns out that the man I torture is the target which I find out only after I am arrested. The man turns out to be the kings nephew himself who was setting up the kings chief assassin for treason. The king tells me of my fluke and leaves me laughing. With the help of a half Orc named Ryuc we escape and travel to his home village(where the game begins).


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